Toddler Bedroom Makeover: The Ultimate Race Car Themed Room

Read on to see how to transform a room from baby to toddler and make the ultimate race car themed room!

When you know you are done having kids, every milestone with that last baby feels bittersweet because ultimately, every first is also a last.

Whether your family is completed with one baby or five, you know what I’m talking about. And if you’re a parent and have never experienced this mourning of the firsts, I have a theory that maybe that means you aren’t in fact “done” wink

The Tough Transition – A Bittersweet Change

For me, parting with Avery’s nursery has been the hardest (so far). We transitioned his crib to a toddler bed as we did with our first two, probably about a year ago. But what we did not do, that we did do the first two times was give him a “big kid” room makeover to be excited about.

In retrospect, I admit that in ways this was for my own selfish reasons.

I loved the soft colorful pastels and whimsical travel theme we had so carefully created for him. Everything about that room made me smile. It always seemed like fresh-out-of-the-bath Baby Magic was wafting in the air. The colors made that one-of-a-kind sense of calmness you experience when you look at a sweet little babe peacefully sleeping come rushing back to me– HE’S MY BABY!

But the harsh reality that had become increasingly clear – Avery no longer felt nor appreciated that calm, peaceful, serene room. He loved his room when he was in the crib, but once we transitioned to a toddler bed he wasn’t a fan, and ended up in our room every.single.night– leaving us all cranky and tired in the morning.


It was time to let go, time to give him a room that was more representative of the “3 year old Avery”; a room he would be excited to show off and sleep in again. The room needed to trade in the soothing pastels for racing wheels and things that go vroooom!

So we partnered with Step 2 to begin the transformation– starting with the Step 2 Corvette Bed.

The Toddler Room Makeover

When we showed the big blue Corvette bed to Avery online he was instantly OBSESSED and the days leading up to having the bed delivered, he talked about it non-stop! It was clear right away this was going to be an exciting moment for him.

Here are all the little changes we made to his room and how we made it entirely his own – a big boy room for my growing toddler!

1. Added a Blue Corvette Bed

The Corvette bed was pretty easy to assemble. It can be used with a toddler/crib mattress or a twin mattress. When used with the toddler mattress there is a small built-in race track at the bottom of the toddler mattress. We decided to go straight to the twin though because we didn’t want Avs to be tempted to play when it was time to go to sleep.

The headlights on the front of the car bed light up with an easy push button and make the perfect nightlight. This is probably Avery’s favorite feature. He loves putting them on at bedtime and off in the morning.

Despite me mourning my baby-days, it ended up being a lot of  fun adding accents and details to the room, like the matching Corvette dresser, tire toy box and wall decor . I was even able to keep and incorporate some of the decor from his nursery into this new big kid theme because after all– cars are a means of travel– right?? Right! Globe & framed map stay!

2. Hang up Race Car Wall Decor

This light up Route 66 sign also doubles as a nightlight. It’s super cute and Avery loves it too!

3. Tire Treads Light Switch

It’s all in the details. This light switch resembles tire treads from the race car. Perfect!

4. Add Shelf Decor

I brought things over from the nursery, which made the transition easier for me. I love the industrial look of Avery’s name letters. They look like something you’d see in a car factory.

5. Auto Repair Price List

This sign could not have been any more perfect for his room. Even the descriptions are the same kind of humor as a toddler’s.

6. Toolbox Themed Toy Box

Then I found this super cute MATCO Tools themed toy box. It has lots of storage in it, and it’s made just Avery’s size.

7. Add Stoplights

Can you tell how much fun I had? This stop-light desk lamp fits perfectly in his room’s decor. And I was so excited to find the Sinclair Dino sign.

Future Ideas for His Room

Eventually I would like to paint his white dresser a dark blue to match the bed, but for now it is pretty much complete! And I am happy to report that Avery has slept in his room every single night since getting the bed and room makeover– without protest.

He loves bringing friends and family into his new room to show it off, annnd I’d be lying if I didn’t say it has been pret-ty amazing not having to sleep with little feet kicking me in the face all night.

Corvette bed available at Walmart

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Oh, right! There was one thing Avery insisted we kept exactly the same.

We had plans of replacing all of the pastel pennant flags with checkered raceway ones, but when we took down the pennants on this wall above he freaked out and demanded we kept this the same. It’s the wall he wakes up looking at and if my baby boy wants towake up facing happy pastels and his framed “You Are My Sunshine” picture for the next few months –or years, that is A-ok in my book 😉

More Home Decor Ideas

I had so much fun redecorating his room. Here are some more home decor articles you will enjoy too.


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