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Everyday Cori (“Website”) is regulated by the below Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

This Website’s Terms of Use shall serve as an agreement between Complicated Media, LLC (“Everyday Cori”), and you (Website Visitor) that regulates your use of this site, its functionality, all post and page content, as well as associated third party services. This privacy policy applies to Everyday Cori (“Website”) owned and managed by Complicated Media, LLC (“Everyday Cori”), found online at https://www.everydaycori.com.

Use of this Website serves as your acknowledgment of, and consent to, the Website Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Everyday Cori reserves the right to adjust, revise or modify this Website, its policies and Terms of Use without notice. In the event that you don’t agree to all Terms of Use, you should not accept or continue use of the Website.

Unless for any reason we are required by law, Everyday Cori will not distribute your personal information without your consent.

THIS SITE WILL NEVER COLLECT SENSITIVE PERSONAL INFORMATION. This includes information regarding your race, religious beliefs, political opinions or affiliations, health information, criminal background or your social security number. If you choose to voluntarily reveal such information to the Website via email, posted comments, etc., such information will be subject to this Privacy Policy.

THIS SITE WILL NEVER COLLECT INFORMATION FROM CHILDREN UNDER THE AGE OF 18.  If a parent or guardian believes that the Website has some how acquired personally identifiable information of a child under the age of 18 in its database, please contact us immediately at [email protected]


• Traffic Analytics: Via Google Analytics and Clicky.com, The Website collects and logs data about you and all website visitors which can include; your IP address, browser and operating system type, and your city and state.

Our traffic analytics will also share additional details with us, such as: the date and time of your visit the pages you saw, the links you clicked, time spent on The Website and how you arrived to The Website (for example: Google search, referring link, etc) .

• Cookies: Cookies are small files that are stored on your browser. Everyday Cori utilizes both session cookies which are deleted upon closing your browser, and persistent cookies which remain on your browser until deleted by you or another shared browser user. These cookies are designed to hold a modest amount of information and allows The Website to deliver a user experience tailored you. Users may, at any time, deny Website cookies via internet browser settings. Website cookies that may have already been set, can also be deleted at any time via internet browser settings. 

• Information Voluntarily Submitted: This includes things like your name and/or email address. This data is most typically submitted to The Website when you subscribe to the Everyday Cori newsletter, fill out any contact forms, leave a comment on a post or enter any type of giveaway.

• Third-Party Collected Information: Everyday Cori may collect data about you from third party online sources, such as the Facebook tracking pixel which can provide insight into your interests and demographic so that we know our audience (You) a little better and tailor our content and marketing for You.


Below is a list that outlines specifically how Everyday Cori may use the information it collects about you:

  • To monitor and measure Website activity for strategic planning of  content creation, management, promotion and partnerships
  • To send you newsletters when you voluntarily opt-in to receive them (These newsletters will always provide a link at the bottom for easy opt-out)
  • To reply to the comments and questions you voluntarily submit through the Website
  • To provide data and analytics on a sponsored campaign/post. All sponsored content on this site is disclosed in accordance to FTC guidelines. The data on a sponsored post is sometimes collected through a tracking pixel provided by the brand sponsor. This tracking pixel provide post visit information and may include your IP address but at no time includes personally identifiable information.
  • To detected and investigate suspicious Website activity that can potentially harm the Website and/or its visitors
  • To provide anonymous data for marketing or advertising purposes. This anonymous data does not identify you alone but rather is combined with general Website data such as: audience demographics and analytics.
  • Targeted advertising and marketing of Website content via Facebook, Google and Instagram. This is often done via pixels that track your visits to Everydaycori.  You can opt out of such targeted advertising via the below links: Facebook: Opt-out | Google: Opt-out 

Who Are The Third Parties This Website Shares Information With?

Everyday Cori may share information you authorize to be shared by accepting the Website Terms Of Use with third parties. Individual third-party use of your personal information is governed by their own privacy policies.

Below is a list of third-party service providers this Website frequently uses:

  • Google Analytics (Traffic analytics. Details referenced above)
  • Clicky.com (Traffic analytics. Details referenced above)
  • Sweepstakes Tools (Every sweepstakes will include an individual opt-in. These online sweepstake tools can include but are not limited to Gleam.io, Rafflecopter and Woobox)
  • SumoMe (Newsletter sign up which collects your name and email you submit this info voluntarily)
  • MadMimi (Newsletter service provider which houses your name, email address and tracks if an email was opened)
  • Influencer Networks (All influencer networks this website partners with for sponsored content will always be disclosed at the bottom of each sponsored post. These networks can include but are not limited to: Tap Influence, Sway Group, Gen.Vid and Blog Meets Brand)
  • Affiliate Networks. These networks provide shop-able links to products this Website. These links are trackable via Cookies and will provide the Website owner a percentage the sale. Affiliate networks this Website uses include but are not limited to: RewardStyle, ShopStyle, Amazon Affiliate, PepperJam, Share-A-Sale.


Newsletter Opt-out – You may opt-out of future email communications by following the unsubscribe links in our emails. 

Any other specific questions regarding this privacy policy and your information can be directed to the site owner via email at [email protected]